Calculating Your Costs and Carbon

Looking for ways to save energy, money, and reduce your carbon footprint?  Here are some calculations that may surprise you…

Did you know?

CFLs are certainly more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs.  However, LEDs are even more efficient and will help you reduce your electric bill.  Also, they are substantially more affordable than they used to be.


Your refrigerator may not be old and rusted, but that doesn’t mean it’s efficient.  Consider upgrading to an Energy Star refrigerator for even more savings.


Consider switching to an electric vehicle (EV) and going solar to cut your carbon even more.  If you are a Sonoma Clean Power Evergreen customer, your EV will be powered by 100% renewable energy.  If you aren’t, think about becoming one, or call the Sonoma County Energy Independence Office at (707) 565-6470 for a free and unbiased consultation on going solar.






To see how these calculations were done, click here to download an Excel file.  To get started on your path to cutting carbon, check out our Action Plan Tool.



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