Commercial Energy Efficiency Tips

How much do you spend a month in electricity and natural gas?

Commercial building owners have many opportunities to reduce operating and maintenance costs through investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.  A few simple improvements can dramatically reduce the amount of energy your building consumes and benefit your business’s bottom line.  Here are a few ways you can save on energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint of your commercial building:

Basic energy efficiency improvements for your commercial site:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance on heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems at least twice a year
  • Replacement of all indoor and exterior lighting with LED fixtures
  • High efficiency electric hand dryers
  • Replacement of electric appliances with ENERGY STAR rated models
  • Use of automatic sleep mode settings on computers

Custom energy efficiency improvements for your commercial site:

  • Building energy management systems
  • Lighting control systems including occupancy control and other efficiency systems
  • Heating, ventilating and air conditioning duct zoning control systems
  • Motors and control to save energy for processing and manufacturing equipment
  • Customer electric vehicle plug-in station
  • Daylighting
  • Geothermal exchange heat pumps


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