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PACE Financing Marketplace Provides Financing Options

The PACE Financing Marketplace provides additional financing options for property owners who want water and energy efficiency upgrades and the installation of renewable energy. The Marketplace complements SCEIP (Sonoma County Energy Independence Program) financing option currently provided by the County Treasury.

To achieve the speed and scale needed to reach Sonoma County’s community goals for energy independence, the PACE Marketplace will expand funding capacity. Bonding capacity of the SCEIP Financing product from the County Treasury is limited to $60 million with $43 million currently extended.   The Marketplace will augment the public investment with private sector funds promoting and safeguarding the sustainability of the County’s PACE initiative for the long term.

The Energy Independence Office plays a key role as Sonoma County’s not-for-profit, neutral third party operating for the public benefit. Housing the oldest residential PACE program in the Country, the Energy Independence Office has established itself as the “go to” centralized entity to secure information on the value of upgrades, contractor resources, rebates, and financing options. Under the Financing Marketplace concept, the Office will continue to serve in that capacity while working collaboratively with the private sector resources to promote and implement PACE finance projects.

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Authorized by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, SCEIP Financing was established in March 2009 as a key strategy to reach community climate action plans. SCEIP is available to all geographic areas of Sonoma County, allowing residential and commercial property owners the ability to finance energy efficiency, water conservation, and solar improvements. CaliforniaFIRST launched in summer 2014 and operates under the auspices of the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA).  Through CaliforniaFIRST, property owners can make improvements that save energy or water such as solar panels, new windows, drip irrigation, artificial turf or an energy efficient roof. HERO Program began operations in December 2011 with a partnership between the Western Riverside Council of Governments and Renovate America, Inc.  With over 1 million eligible products available for financing, property owners can save energy and water now. Figtree Financing is a San Diego-based clean energy financing company providing innovative programs to enable capital for environmentally friendly products and services. Ygrene Energy Fund is a provider of residential, multifamily and commercial property assessed clean energy financing.
Interest rate:
10-yr: 7.0%
20-yr: 7.0%
Interest rate:
5-yr: 6.75%
10-yr: 7.59%
15-yr: 7.99%
20-yr: 8.29%
25-yr: 8.39%
30 yr – 8.49%
Interest rate:
5-yr: 6.75%
10-yr: 7.69%
15-yr: 8.15%
20-yr: 8.35%
25 yr – 8.35%
Interest rate:
coming soon
Interest rate:
5 yr – 6.74%
10 yr – 7.73%
15 yr – 8.24%
20 yr – 8.49%
30 yr – 8.73%
$44 annual fee; $12 valuation fee, $125 title search fee, $66 recording fee
$30 annual fee;$100 recordation fee;
one-time fee not to exceed 6.4% of project
$25 annual fee;
one-time fee of 4.99% of project, $55 recording fee
Fees: coming soon Fees: $50 application fee; $60 annual fee;
$100 recording fee;
$884 underwriting fee; 3% contractor fee
Size: $2,500 minimum up to 10% of property value Size: $5,000 minimum up to $200,000 or 10% of property value Size: $5,000 minimum up to 10% of property value Size: coming soon Size: $2,500 minimum


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