Residential Energy Audits

Building Performance Evaluations

Increasing your home’s efficiency isn’t just switching out light bulbs or buying new appliances. It’s approaching your home as a complete system. Heating, air-conditioning, insulation, water and other systems can all work together to effectively reduce energy consumption and potentially help lower your utility bills.  When considering installing renewable energy sources such as solar, evaluating your energy efficiency and making upgrades may lessen the cost of your system.  Reduce before you produce!

Get an energy efficiency evaluation on your property today.

Water conservation and energy surveys are highly recommended but not required. By participating in SCEIP, you are making a financial investment; this decision should be made based on both the efficiency and the cost effectiveness of the improvements. Conducting a water and energy audit will help you assess water conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy opportunities for your property.

Energy: Online surveys can be conducted through the PG&E website. Residential property owners can obtain an onsite survey by hiring a Home Energy Rating System (“HERS”) rater, or equivalent. Visit the California Energy Commission for more information about the benefits of energy evaluations.

Water: Property owners should also check with your local water provider to see if free water conservation surveys are available. Costs incurred to conduct onsite audits or surveys may be included in your application for SCEIP financing.

Sample Reports for Residential Audits

California Home Energy Rating Certificate


California Home Energy Consumption Analysis

About the HERS II Directory

This program is making available information about HERS II Raters who may be able to assist customers with their HERS II energy analysis and rating. The HERS II Raters listed in this website may not include all HERS II Raters in a given area. The HERS II Raters listed are independent business owners who have agreed to participate in the Sonoma County Energy Independence Program, and who have supplied information about their business, services and qualifications. HERS II Raters do not pay to be listed and do not purchase leads from the website.


Basic Qualifications


Registered wtih CalCERTS as a licensed Whole House Rater


Neither this program, the participating utilities nor any other public or private party associated with the Energy Upgrade program is: (a) endorsing, recommending or referring any specific HERS II Rater, (b) making any representation or warranty regarding the qualifications, licensing, products, or workmanship of any HERS II Rater, (c) making any warranty regarding the HERS II Rater’s work or products purchased from HERS II Raters provided, or (d) accepting any liability that may be alleged to arise from the work of any listed HERS II Raters on a customer project or from any reliance on any claims, statements or other descriptions regarding a HERS II Rater’s certifications, licenses, qualifications or products. Such claims, statements and other descriptions are made solely by the HERS II Rater.


Before hiring any HERS II Rater, customers are urged to visit the CalCERTS website at for additional information.

For more information on Home Energy Ratings, click HERE to view a publication issued by the California Energy Commission entitled, “What is Your Home Energy Rating.”



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