Residential Energy Efficiency Tips

How much do you spend a month in electricity and natural gas?

Does your bill skyrocket in the winter with home heating? Or does your summer air conditioning bill drive you crazy? A few simple home upgrades such as insulating your air ducts and sealing any air duct leaks, replacing old and inefficient HVAC units, upgrading your water heater or installing attic fans and insulation can save you a lot with a small investment. Your home will be more comfortable with stable inside temperatures and you’ll feel better about not wasting precious energy.  When considering installing renewable energy sources such as solar, evaluating your energy efficiency and making upgrades may lessen the cost of your system.  Reduce before you produce!

Here are over 20 ways you can save on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint and live in a more comfortable home:

•High efficiency HVAC systems and HVAC system sealing

•Duct and home sealing

•Evaporative coolers

•Efficient natural gas storage water heaters

•Tankless water heaters

•Solar water heater systems

•Cool roof systems

•Reflective roofs and coatings

•Attic and wall insulation

•Reflective insulation or radiant barriers

•Whole house fans and attic fans

•High efficiency windows and glass doors

•Window filming

•Weather stripping

•Efficient skylights

•Solar tubes

•Additional building openings to provide addition natural light

•High efficiency lighting installation

•High efficiency pool equipment

•Electric vehicle plug-in stations

•Geothermal exchange heat pumps

•Solar thermal systems for pool heating


Custom Energy Efficiency Improvements for your home may be available. For more information contact us.


Please see our detailed list of specifications and improvements.



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