SCEIP Bond Financing

The Sonoma County Financing Authority (the “Authority”) is a joint powers agency formed to assist the County with its financings.   The County and the Authority cooperate to provide the County the funds needed to make disbursements to property owners for the cost of improvements on the owners’ properties.  A full description of the SCEIP financing mechanism is described in the PACE Replication Guidance Package.


Description of Document

Authority Resolution Authorizing Sale of Bonds Resolution authorizing the Authority to issue and sell contractual assessment revenue bonds
County Resolution Authorizing Loan Agreements Resolution authorizing the loan of bond proceeds from the Authority and approving loan agreements
County Resolution Authorizing Purchase  of Bonds Resolution authorizing the County Treasury Pooled Investment Fund to invest in and purchase the bonds and approving bond purchase agreements
Form of Loan Agreement Agreement between Authority and County for loan of bond proceeds
Form of Bond Purchase Agreement Agreement between Authority and County for purchase of bonds


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