Sample Reports

The documents listed below are a sample of the reports SCEIP produces on a regular and ad hoc basis.


Description of Document

Monthly Report Report of monthly and to-date program activity and funding volume.
SCEIP Annual Report This document was created as a report to upper level County management and Board of Supervisors to recapitulate the program activities for the year 2011.
SCEIP Document of Procedures Report A documentation of the SCEIP processes, including application processing, assessment recordation and release of lien. December 31, 2010.
SCEIP Assessments by Geographic Location This was a series of three reports that segregated program application volume, bonded amounts, and improvement types by property type (residential / commercial) and city (9 incorporated plus unincorporated SC). Requested for use by a participating city to analyze feasibility of second storefront location.


Residential Property Owners Report Residential report with contact information for property owners (removed here) who have funded through SCEIP, their date of funding and improvement type category. Requested for use by focus group study to determine effects of FHFA instructions and other factors on PACE program participation. Purple indicates applications received by SCEIP prior to FHFA July 6, 2010 instructions to lenders.


Commercial Project Data Report documenting commercial PACE program activity and funding volume. Customer contact information removed.


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