Annual Payment Calculator Instructions

The SCEIP payment calculator provides applicants the ability to estimate the annual cost of their assessment as it will appear on their property tax bill. There are four user inputs.

This is the amount of your assessment. It should not include any anticipated rebates as the SCEIP does not allow rebates to be financed through the program.

Annual Interest Rate
The interest rate for the program will be set at a fixed rate. Please enter an interest rate in increments of.125. For instance, 6.75, 6.875, 7.00, and so on.

Assessment Repayment Term (Years)
The repayment term for assessment amounts of $2,500-$4,999 is 10 years.
For assessments $5,000 and above, the available terms are 10 or 20 years.

Assessment Date
Please enter the assessment date as XX/01/XXXX. The assessment date is determined by the expected completion date of the project. Funds are disbursed on the first business day of each month for those projects that have been completed and final inspection has been signed off by the appropriate permitting agency. For larger projects (over $60,000) partial funding is possible and the assessment date will be the date funds are first disbursed.

The cutoff for assessments to appear on the next annual property tax bill will be the first business day in September each year. Assessment dates after the first business day in September will appear on the following year’s tax bill.

Press the calculate button after inputting the Principal, Annual Interest Rate, Assessment Repayment Term and Assessment Date information. Each time you change any of this information, you must press the calculate button again.

This calculator is designed to provide an estimate only and in no way guarantees the final terms for your assessment nor does it guarantee you will be approved for an assessment. Please contact an SCEIP representative about terms and conditions of the program. They can be reached by phone at 707-521-6200 or by fax at 707-524-3769 or by e-mail at

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