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The Energy Independence Program is a County of Sonoma Energy and Sustainability Division program that serves county residents and businesses as a central clearinghouse of information about energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy generation.

Our program is designed to assist property owners and tenants find the information, resources, rebates, contractors and financing that fits their situation.

We offer:

  • Action Plan Tool: A fun, easy self-energy analysis tool that provides behavioral and upgrade recommendations, energy saving tips and group competitions for homeowners.
  • List of Contractors: Property owners can use filters to search for the right contractor for the job.
  • List of Rebates and Incentives: Property owners can search for currently available rebates and incentives for the improvements they are planning.
  • Find Out What Programs are Available in Your Area: Find the types of energy and generation programs operating in your city or part of Sonoma County to find the one that is right for your needs.
  • Resources for Contractors: Contractors may borrow tools from our on-line Building Performance Tool Lending Library (coming soon!), find out about education and training opportunities, participate in our monthly contractor forums, and access an array of contractor-oriented information and resources.
  • PACE Financing: The County provides Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to property owners for energy efficiency, renewable generation and water conservation upgrades, payable back to the County through the owner’s property tax bill.

If you have feedback for how we can expand or improve our services, please contact us. If you like what you see here, tell a friend and Like us on Facebook!

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